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June 14 2017

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Cheetah Print. Why…?

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been drawing a lot of zelda lately

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Coloured Water, by Grace Chi.




*walks up to the mcdonald counter*

yeah i’ll have a fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

imagine explaining this to the person who made that statue




There’s no reason to feel “uncomfortable” about displaying your body in any way or shaking your ass or whatever around anyone. No display or movement of the body is shameful and our bodies shouldn’t be censored in the first place. And who cares if people ~sexualize~ what you’re doing with your body? They aren’t hurting you lol, they’re allowed to be aroused or have their own interpretation of it. It’s not shameful for the body to be shown or thought of in a sexual context either. Nudity and sex both shouldn’t be censored.

Me grinding on my grandmother’s casket in nothing but crocs and a naruto tshirt: Don’t worry everyone this is healthy uwu if you censor your body you’re the problem sweetie :)

June 13 2017



You can’t ship irl people. You can’t have “headcanons” for irl people. You can’t fucking headcanon they’re trans if they’re not trans people irl. Stop fucking doing that.

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he does nt even know

Know what

the economic state of america

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You’re not “too muscular for clothes.” there’s nothing wrong with being able to see any part of the body through your clothes. Who cares if you see nipples or abs or ass or delts? No part of the body should be censored in the first place.

finally some swole bro positivity

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Hey Tumblr, let’s talk.

Self-Dx'ers. More specifically, self-dx'ers of BPD. Think it’s time we had a chat.

So you’ve “got” BPD. Congrats! Welcome to the club! Here’s your membership card, and responsibilities.

Wait, what? Responsibilities?

YUP! That is right! You have a disorder that makes you act in a way that isn’t appropriate! So you’ve got to stop trying to use that card, cuz this isn’t Monopoly and you can’t get outta jail free!

So tell me, what meds are you on? Not for the BPD, of course, but the co-existing disorders? Oh, none? Jeez, that’s real bad news! You must be a suicidal wreck! You should sue your therapist!

Wait, you don’t have one? Oh dear, that’s not good. You might want to get one before the soul-crushing lack of identity tears you apart, and you literally can’t trust anyone and are scared of people!

What? You don’t have those symptoms? You like some people? Well surely you can still have BPD! I mean, it’s a spectrum disorder, so there’s other symptoms.

Hrm, extreme emotions? Yeah that’s a real bitch, ain’t it? Puberty sucks. But wait, it’s not puberty, you’re mentally ill? Nah, see, there isn’t a way to tell the difference.

I want you self-dx'ers to look me in the fucking eyes and tell me what you go through with BPD. Tell me just how badly it fucks your life up. Because my condition is NOT your fashion accessory, it’s the reason that, while sober and on good meds, I can STILL have breakdowns. It’s the reason I’m in therapy. In DBT.

Done being polite. I’ve met nice self-dx'ers who literally have no access to confirmation, but the rest of the “uwu BPD is so pretty” is disgusting, it’s become the new emo.

I’ll be on pills the rest of my life. I’ll probably be in and out of therapy. Time. Money. Agony. My partner knows this. I’m not a fashion label, I’m the raw truth. I have a chronic brain condition that is not cute, not funny, and not a card I can play. I was terrified to tell my gf’s roommates I’m mentally ill. I can fucking function in society but I can’t shake this condition.

Shut your teenage mouths, get off the internet, and live a fucking life. Because this bullshit only screws us over.

Mental illness isn’t cute. If I have to try to hang myself with a belt again because my brain says too, I will scream.

I’m not a joke and I’m not some shirt you think is cute. Trivialize me or mock me for saying this. I don’t care.

I am mentally ill, and I will never approve of this mockery.

This is the best post


This sums up how I feel when people self diagnose themselves with autism

Or bipolar. I’m also autistic and i can’t stand all this self diagnosis bullshit.

I’ve seen idiots self diagnosing themselves with PTSD as well and it makes me want to scream at them. Because when I was a toddler my PTSD was misdiagnosed as autism because “toddlers can’t be traumatised” which caused me to get WRONG TREATMENT for most of my elementary school life, and the SECOND time I got PTSD four years ago people around me were like “just get over it!”

I know how harmful a misdiagnosis or self diagnosis can be, and how things like PTSD aren’t even seen as real problems when compared to other mental illnesses. These self diagnosing freaks need to shut their mouths.

That’s another one for the, dear Lord these self-dxers really have no clue what having a disorder is actually like. I remember a few years ago when somebody noticed that the DSM approved fashion accessory wearing crowd would have stuff that can’t be comorbid but was quirky and a get out of jail free card.

Hell do we tell them how fucking bad panic attacks actually are because dear Lord the number of one’s that “happen” on here are so bad and so transparently not one that the typing style is a goddamn meme.

I have ocd, which granted isn’t as major or prevalent as other mental illnesses, but the stress and anxiety it causes me over stupid little things is something I’d never want anyone to deal with. So I can’t imagine why people would want things WORSE than that

Def feel this. People self diagnose a lot on here I swear to god there was a rush of people out of no where this past year or do claiming they had BPD. Like its crazy how Y'all got it at the same time.

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Zelda Champion amiibo coming soon ⊟

Daruk, Mipha, Urbosa, and that jerk bird. These look great! And they’ll work in Breath of the Wild – the second DLC pack focuses on these characters in some way.

BUY Breath of the Wild, Zelda: Art & Artifacts
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During today’s Nintendo Spotlight @ E3, it was revealed that a new Pokémon main series game is under development for the Nintendo Switch. It is not clear what the game is yet, or when it will be out but we will bring all news as and when it comes

Source: Serebii


GameFreak has begun developing a core RPG Pokemon game for the Switch.

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